Surah-al-Fatihah is a solution to all problems

Surah-al-Fatihah is a solution to all problems in the human life

It is said by some Sufis that whatever there was in the earlier Divine books is condensed in the Holy Quran and the contents of the Quran are condensed into surah-al-fatihah (first Surah of Quran) and that which is in Surah-al-fatihah is found in bismillah and that which is in bismillah is to be found in its first letter "ba". It is explained that "ba" is a coordinating conjunction and stands for unity. Surely the ultimate aim is to effect union of a devotee with Allah (God) ta'la. Some Sufis have gone still further and have said that whatever there is in "ba" is to be found in its dot (.), which signifies unity of Allah ta'la; a thing which is indivisible as a dot. The Mashayikh have stated that the reading of Surah-al-fatihah with firm belief and faith cures all diseases, whether spiritual or worldly, external or internal. (To use its writing as an amulet and also licking its writing is useful in the treatment of diseases).
The six authentic books of Hadith (the collection of Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Daood, Nasai and Ibn-e-Maja) contain Hadith stating that the Sahaba used to read Surah-al-fatihah and blow upon those bitten by snake or a scorpion and even on the epileptic and on the mentally deranged. Nabi (Sallahu Alahi Wasallum) had also approved of this.
According to another Hadith, it is said that if, at the time of going to sleep, one reads Surah-al-fatihah and Surah-e-Ikhlas and blows on himself he will be immune from all dangers except death.
According to Hadith, Surah-al-fatihah is equivalent to two-third of the Quran in reward.
Hasan al-Basri (Rehmatullah Alaihe) reports the saying of Rasulullah (Sallahu Alahi Wasallum) that whoever reads Surah-al-fatihah is like one who reads the Tawrat, the Injil, the Zaboor and the Holy Quran.
It is reported from Sahabi (Rehmatullah Alaihe) that once a man come to him and complained of pain in his kidney. Sahabi (Rehmatullah Alaihe) advised him to read Asas-al-Quran ("Foundation of the Quran") and blow on the aching spot. When he inquired what was meant by Asas-al-Quran, Sahabi replied "Surah-al-fatihah"
It is written in established practices of Mashayikh that Surah-al-fatihah should be read for the achievement of all our objectives. There are two ways of reading it:
One method is to read this Surah forty-one times for forty days, in the interval between the Sunnah and obligatory rakaat of Fajar salah. The (meem) of bismillah hirrehman nirrahim should be read jointly with (lam) of al-hamdu lillah. Whatever the objective may be, it will, if Allah ta’la wills, be fulfilled. In the treatment of a patient or of one who is bewitched, it should be recited and blown on water to be used for drinking.
The second method is to read it seventy times between the Sunnah and the obligatory rakaat of the Fajar salah on a first Sunday of a new moon, after which the number is reduced by ten every day until the course ends with a reading of ten times on the seventh day. Then this weekly course should be repeated, so as to complete four weeks. If the purpose is achieved at the end of the first month, well and good, otherwise this course should be repeated for the second and, if neccessary, for the third month.
This Surah is also written with rose-water or musk water and saffron, on a porcelain dish, then the writing is washed off and the wash-water is given to the patient for drinking for forty days. This is a sure treatment of chronic diseases. To read it seven times and blow on the patient is similarly an accepted treatment for toothache, headache and pain in the stomach.

So now I hope that all Muslims will read Surah-al-fatihah daily and make it their routine.

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